CHOP Butchery: Sustaining Local Athletics with Succulent Sausages and So Much More!

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At CHOP Butchery, we take pride in carving the juiciest cuts, meticulously prepared with expertise and love. But there’s more to us than the sizzling sirloins and delectable chops you’ve come to crave. We believe in connecting with our community and fostering a spirit of support and solidarity.

We recently had the pleasure of sponsoring the local Penrith Valley Athletics Club for their 22/23 season. Our partnership with the club highlighted our commitment to community upliftment, and we were delighted to be a part of their journey and successes.

A highlight of our collaboration was the reinstitution of the club’s weekly BBQ on competition nights. The joyous atmosphere was made even more memorable by the taste of our scrumptious sausages, which by all accounts were an absolute hit with families and athletes alike! It’s moments like these that remind us why we love what we do.

More than just a gastronomic affair, our sponsorship extended to bolster the club’s infrastructure amidst a surge in their membership. With close to 400 spirited youngsters joining the athletic fold, the club faced the challenge of expanding its equipment inventory and installing an additional straight track. Their needs didn’t stop there; a new timing computer, starting gun, and other essentials were also on the shopping list.

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We’re thrilled to say that with our sponsorship, the Penrith Valley Athletics Club managed to have their biggest season yet. Without this support, the club may have struggled to accommodate the increasing number of children in the local community seeking to experience the thrill of the race and the camaraderie of the team.

As a token of their gratitude, the club has generously prepared a glass trophy for us, which we’re excited to display proudly in our Nepean Square Store. Furthermore, the club sent us some lovely photos of the tear drop banners featuring our logo, displayed at each competition night, and of their athletes wearing Regional Representative shirts. It’s a delight to see CHOP Butchery’s name amidst such vibrant and energetic surroundings.

We at CHOP Butchery are humbled by their heartfelt thanks and are thrilled to be a part of the PVAC family. Their spirit is a testament to the power of community sports in shaping the future, and we are truly honoured to be a part of their journey.

In essence, our partnership with the local Penrith Valley Athletics Club embodies our belief that being a butcher is about more than providing delicious cuts of meat. It’s about being a part of our community and nourishing it in more ways than one.

On behalf of everyone at CHOP Butchery, we’d like to say a massive thank you to the Penrith Valley Athletics Club for letting us be a part of their successful season. Here’s to many more seasons of partnership, camaraderie, and of course, tasty sausages!

Remember, when you shop at CHOP, you’re not just buying premium-quality meat; you’re also supporting a business that genuinely cares about its community. And isn’t that the cherry on top of a perfectly grilled steak?

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