The masters of the craft. Dry-ageing was the standard process used to age beef up until the 1970’s when a more simple process of aging in vacuum-sealed bags became the norm. Today dry-ageing is only mastered by few.

Chop Dry-Aged Meats

Our Chop stores feature custom made humidity-controlled dry-aging rooms to provide correct handling and expertly monitored dry aged beef and lamb at its peak flavour. Our owner, Dave, hand selects only the finest marble scored, grass feed beef with our specialty product, the Grand Galloway.

The beef is stored in our dry ageing room for 6 weeks, where a balance of time, temperature, air circulation and humidity have been set. The process is assisted by the Pink Himalayan salt wall, custom-built to age the meat with the finest and purest flavours.

What Makes Dry-Aged Meats So Much Better?

During the dry age process, the meat undergoes a major change which positively impacts on flavour and tenderness as it forms an external crust and loses up to one-third of its mass due to water evaporation.

Enzymes within break down and tenderise the meat, giving it its unique nutty and buttery flavour. Prior to preparation, the crusted surface is trimmed off before packaging, revealing succulent deep red beef. The extra time and care we put into ageing our beef ensure superior flavour and tenderness.

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