Beef Cheeks (Per KG)

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Beef cheeks are sold per KG and each cheek weighs approximately 400 grams so, allow for some minor shrinkage when catering. The Beef cheek is a used muscle, the cow uses it to chew the cud, there is quite a bit of sinew when we get them so, we trim that off to give you a clean cheek muscle, best only cooked low and slow.


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Grazed only on the lushest pastures on the Lachlan River at the head of the Lachlan Valley which is claimed to be one of the most fertile valleys in the world. Cowra has enviable soils and water which produce some of the best cattle in Australia.

The rich farming country mixed with some of the best grazing country means we have some of the most consistently tasty beef available in Australia.

Our strong relationships with local beef producers, combined with our unique hand selection process and quality feeding, guarantees that the finest beef is consistently selected for our Watervale Beef.


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