Bolognese Arancini (Per Unit)

Bolognese Arancini (Per Unit)

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Arancini are stuffed rice balls which are coated with bread crumbs and then deep fried. This one is filled with bolognese, Mozzarella & Peas. Cook for 30 min 180.

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Transport your taste buds to the heart of Italy with our Bolognese Arancini. Each piece is a delectable fusion of rich Bolognese sauce and creamy risotto, lovingly rolled into a golden, crispy ball, creating a mouth-watering Italian delicacy.

At Chop Butchery, we take pride in crafting arancini that encapsulate the essence of authentic Italian cuisine. Our Bolognese Arancini are meticulously prepared, using the finest ingredients to ensure a harmonious blend of flavours in every bite.

Whether it’s a delightful appetizer, a quick snack, or a party favourite, our Bolognese Arancini are a versatile treat that captivates every palate. Serve them hot and watch as they become the centre of attention at any gathering.


Delight in Italian culinary perfection with our Bolognese Arancini, meticulously crafted for your gastronomic pleasure. Carefully prepared, these arancini embody Chop Butchery’s unwavering commitment to excellence and quality.

Whether served as appetizers or part of your Italian-inspired feast, Bolognese Arancini promise a dining experience that’s savoury, aromatic, and a true testament to the premium standards upheld by Chop Butchery. More than a product, we are your partners in creating memorable dining moments, ensuring your satisfaction. Immerse yourself in the Chop Butchery difference, where quality and culinary satisfaction are our enduring promise.



Not just a butcher! We understand the busy lifestyle most families and couples are enduring today and we like to accommodate and offer an extensive versatile product range, this includes are hand made fresh pastas, accompanied by our homemade pasta sauces, pastries and famous Arancini’s. These are quick, easy tasty and wholesome mid weeks meals for the whole family to enjoy.


1 Unit, Pack of 4