Curried Sausages | Re Heat & Eat! (per kilo)

Curried Sausages | Re Heat & Eat! (per kilo)


Delicious Curried Sausages ready to re-heat and eat. For the ultimate flavour experience, we suggest to add 1 tin of coconut cream per 1kg of product.

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KEEP WEEKNIGHTS SIMPLE and delicious WITH OUR Curried Sausages.

Our curried sausages are the perfect dinner solution for those who are short on time but crave a delicious, warming meal. Made with premium quality beef and our signature blend of spices, our curried sausages are an easy and convenient meal option that you can simply reheat and eat.

The sausages are pre-cooked, saving you time in the kitchen, and you can easily serve them with your favourite side dishes for a complete meal. Whether you are cooking for yourself or the whole family, our curried sausages are a crowd-pleaser.

This is a ready to Eat product. Simply Re Heat via your preferred heating method, we suggest to re-heat in a wok style pan and add coconut cream (1tin per Kg of product) to further enhance the flavour.

SIMPLY Re Heat & Eat OUR SUCCULENT Curried Sausages


With a perfect balance of spice and flavour, our curried sausages are sure to satisfy your cravings. Plus, these delectable beauties are made with only the finest ingredients and are free from artificial preservatives or additives. We are committed to providing you with high-quality, tasty food that you can feel good about eating.

So, why not try our delicious curried sausages today and enjoy a hassle-free meal that will leave your taste buds satisfied.


At Chop Butchery, your satisfaction is our top priority, especially when it comes to Corned Beef. We are committed to delivering a high-quality product and take great care in sourcing, preparing, and presenting our Corned Beef to exceed your expectations.

Whether you’re simmering it for a traditional meal or creating your favourite sandwiches, our Corned Beef offers a culinary journey that tantalizes your taste buds. We go beyond being just a product provider; we are your partners in creating memorable dining experiences, reflecting our dedication to your satisfaction. Discover the Chop Butchery difference, where quality meat and your happiness are our unwavering promise.



A great sausage needs a quality casing and here at CHOP Butchery, unlike some of our competitors, this is all we use across our whole sausage range. Natural casings permit deep smoke penetration and protect the flavours of the fillings without contributing conflict flavours.

Our supplier is an Australian owned company that controls the whole process from the abattoir right through up until we receive our product in store.

Given this controlled approach we can determine the full history of the casing through its batch number and trace it back to its origin and production dates. This is our point of difference come into CHOP and try for yourselves! There is a sausage flavour for everyone!