Japanese A5 Wagyu

Japanese A5 Wagyu

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This is the real deal. Authentic Wagyu. Japanese Wagyu. Wagyu bred, fed, grown and slaughtered in Japan. Perfectly cut ruby red flesh interlaced with white marbled fat. The A5 Wagyu, known in the meat business as the Rolls-Royce of beef.

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If you are looking for the ultimate choice for luxury beef, A5 Wagyu is what you are after. With perfectly distributed marbling and profound flavours, you will experience succulence like no other. Our A5 Wagyu offers rich, intense flavours that combine with a delectably smooth texture to create a melt-in-your-mouth taste sensation. This deliciously premium Japanese beef is masterfully carved, whichever cut you opt for and will always offer five-star quality to your dish.

The A5 grading is a Japanese system – the A meaning the carcass yield is the highest possible and the numeric rating relating to beef marbling, colour and brightness of the flesh, its texture and colour, lustre and fat quality.

A5 is the highest mark Wagyu can score. In Japan, A5 beef is so highly regarded it is given as corporate gifts, for special occasions, sold only in exclusive department stores and eaten by middle-class Japanese perhaps once every few years.

Quality A5 Wagyu for that special occasion

A5 Wagyu is often described as “the best beef in the world”. This is due to the unbelievable melt-in-the-mouth flavours and outstanding succulence. This cattle is raised devotedly and lives in a stress-free environment with a nutrient-packed diet. This is what many regard as the reason for its incredible intramuscular marbled fat.

Many people talk of how beef is better to cook rare; however, with Wagyu, we recommend cooking for slightly longer than you may typically choose to. Medium-rare or possibly even medium. This is because our A5 Wagyu has amazing intramuscular fat and extra cooking allows it to caramelise and become beautifully crisp. Once rested, even after cooking for slightly longer, your steak will still be perfectly tender and release the delectable flavour that hides within.


How should I cook my A5 Wagyu?

There are different ways to cook your Wagyu; however, we like to pan-fry and slice. Start by removing your A5 Wagyu steak from the fridge 30 minutes before you cook. This will bring your beef up to room temperature. Season with rock salt and cracked black pepper and heat your pan. Place your steak flat into the pan and fry for a few minutes. Afterwards, turn your steak over and fry it for the same amount of time. Baste your Wagyu in its own juices whilst it cooks. Once cooking is completed, remove your Wagyu steak from the pan and rest for a few minutes. Remove the skirt and then carefully slice it into delicious strips of premium goodness.

Does Chop Butchery A5 Wagyu come from Japan?

Yes! All of our A5 Wagyu comes from Japan. Cattle are bred, fed, grown and slaughtered in Japan. Wagyu translates as “Japanese cow” so it certainly should have been raised there!

We are proud to source A5 Wagyu to ensure that our customers get the greatest standards of Wagyu available. Pan fry or cook over the BBQ this incredible piece of Japanese beef is certainly premium and will impress any guests on your special occasion.


What is the quality of A5 Wagyu?

When it comes to beef, it doesn’t come much more premium than A5 Wagyu. In the Japanese ranking system, A5 is the highest ranking that Wagyu can score.

The A means that the carcass yield is the highest that it can be and its numeric rating, 5, relates to factors such as colour, brightness, texture, marbling, fat quality and lustre. A5 cuts are highly regarded in Japan and are often served on special occasions or given as a corporate gift.


At Chop Butchery, our Japanese A5 Wagyu is the epitome of luxury in the world of meat. We are dedicated to delivering quality and ensuring your satisfaction. This Wagyu is meticulously sourced and prepared to meet the highest standards, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Whether you’re grilling it for an unparalleled steak or savouring it in the most exquisite culinary creations, Japanese A5 Wagyu promises a dining experience that’s rich, succulent, and unforgettable. We’re more than just a product provider; we’re your partners in creating memorable dining moments, reflecting our steadfast commitment to your satisfaction. Discover the Chop Butchery difference, where quality meat and your happiness are our enduring promise.


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