Wagyu MB5+ Burger Patties (6 Wagyu Patties for $22.00)

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Treat yourself to a gourmet Burger patty, we make all our patties on site, from Carrawa Wagyu and it’s a min 5+, to accompany the wagyu you don’t need much as the wagyu packs a punch of mouth-watering flavour itself, we add small amount of mustard and dill and seasoning to our patties.


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Here at Chop Butchery, everything is hand made by our crafted Butchers. David the owner studied in some of the finest Restaurants and Hotels Sydney has to offer prior to completing his Trade as a Butcher. Hand in Hand he has individually Trained his staff to also perfect our value added items to our House Receipes.

In store and online you will find a select range of, Wagyu Beef Patties with a minimum score of 5+, we have a great range of rissoles for the whole family ranging from Beef & Vege to the more gourmet Deluxe Beef Burgers and Smoky BBQ rissoles, from time to time we like to introduce some new flavours such as Bourban BBQ Patties, Swiss Style Burger Patties and Worchiester and Craked Pepper Patties. So be sure to sign up on line to receive our monthly specials and highlighted products.


6 for $22.00